Effective remote working comes down to the implementation of a comprehensive strategy for security and delivery of the office’s resources to your work from home device.  To be productive you need an IT Team dedicated to your success along with the tools necessary to get the job done.  This is where DenBe Computer Consulting thrives.

If your staff is fighting against unintuitive software, a bad connection, or anything else tech-related, their standard workday will be less than productive. It won’t be long before your business’ productivity grinds to a halt. Security should also be a priority. Employees connecting from home could have their devices compromised and those devices could compromise your office network.

Therefore, if the remote worker has a strong Internet connection, DenBe Computer Consulting can take care of the rest.

DenBe can help with:

  • An encrypted VPN solution
  • DenBe’s Virtual Desktop
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Keep your devices and secure
  • Help with Microsoft 365
    • SharePoint
    • Teams
    • OneDrive
  • Help with Zoom
  • AI Powered Anti-Virus