"DenBe Consulting, LLC took over managing our network almost 6 years ago"

DenBe Consulting, LLC took over managing our network almost 6 years ago.  Since that time they have integrated all of our software seamlessly and automated all of our processes and implemented nightly backups and our system is working better than ever.  They are very responsive and even though they are not in the building, any problems that have come up on our network are fixed immediately resulting in no down time.  I would highly recommend them to any company that is looking for a professional company to manage their IT needs.

Garry Johnson

"They are very responsive at all hours"

I am happy to recommend DenBe Computer Consulting to any company.

DenBe has been maintaining our network/computers for the past few years and I am happy to say the professional relationship has been exceptional.  We find them to be professional, responsive, honest, and hardworking.

DenBe keeps our systems running smoothly.  They are very responsive at all hours.

I would not hesitate to refer DenBe Consulting to anyone that needs Managed IT Services.


Sherry Labutte-Birk Sherry Labutte-Birk

"They are very professional and knowledgeable."

I would highly recommend DenBe Computer Consulting for all your computer/software or IT needs. Our office is a paper free office and we use all electronic health records. DenBe has been working with us from the beginning. They have helped us get our networks and servers and have been there for us throughout the years. They helped with all our necessary upgrades and any technology glitches we have had along the way. DenBe goes above and beyond what I expected, and they are very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them time and time again.

Alisha Senechal

"There's nothing we've come across they can't solve!"

We have been using DenBe for over 5 years.  I can’t tell you what a relief it is knowing that if anything happens to our network or computers, they have us back up and running in a matter of minutes most of the time.

They are very responsive to anything we need, no matter the time of day/night.  True computer gurus. There is nothing that we’ve come across that they can’t solve.  Very thankful that we have them on our team.

Bob Trost

"I quickly learned to relax, and call DenBe!"

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend DenBe Computer Consulting. Working with the owner, Dennis Jock and his team, has become essential in creating a smooth day to day operation of our organization. I quickly learned to relax and call DenBe, because they WILL take care of any problem we encounter. Knowing that we have DenBe at our service honestly relieves so much stress from our agency, as we know we can always count on them to pull us out of any problem that comes up. That is exceptional service!

Sharon Sowers

"Incredible service since the inception!"

DenBe Computer Consulting has provided our firm with incredible service since the inception.  Dennis Jock truly understands the nature of our small business and the problems we encounter if our computer system is crippled in any way.  Our firm highly recommends DenBe!!!

Wally Haley