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NCR Corporation


Exploit: Ransomware

NCR: Retail Technology Company

Risk to Business: 1.873 = Severe

Point-of-Sale (PoS) technology giant NCR, formerly known as National Cash Register, has announced that it was the victim of a ransomware attack by the notorious Black Cat/ AlphV ransomware group. The attack caused an outage on the company’s Aloha PoS platform, a technology widely used by bars and restaurants. The outage began on April 13. In its statement, NCR downplayed the incident saying that the problem was the result of a single data center outage impacting a limited number of ancillary Aloha applications for a subset of their hospitality customers. The company carefully pointed out that restaurants impacted are still able to serve their customers. The incident is under investigation by law enforcement.


How It Could Affect Your Business: One cyberattack can impact many businesses and supply chain risk is growing every day.

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