A cyberattack impacting the International Red Cross endangers refugees, phishing costs a US city over $200K, more crypto and financial sector trouble and in- side 2021's data breach landscape to see who got hit and how it happened.

RR Donnelly


Exploit: Ransomware

RR Donnelly: Marketing & Communications Firm

Risk to Business: 1.227 = Severe

Major marketing company RR Donnelly has disclosed that they had data stolen in a December cyberattack attributed to ransomware. The Conti ransomware group is suspected to be to blame. In the attack on December 27, 2021, the company experienced a systems intrusion that led it to shut down its network to prevent the attack's spread. That led to disruptions for customers, with some unable to receive printed documents required for vendor payments, disbursement checks and motor vehicle documentation. The Conti ransomware gang claimed responsibility on January 15 and began leaking 2.5GB of the stolen data that has since been removed.


Individual Impact: No specifics about consumer/employee PII or financial data loss were available at press time.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How It Could Affect Your Business: A recent rash of ransomware attacks against media and communications organizations should have everyone in that sector on notice.


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