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In a Week in Breach first, it's the All Ransomware Edition. Cybercrime gangs have been busy at Toshiba, Ireland's health service, the US Veterans Administration and other organizations around the globe. Plus, we'll explore the state of email security, the most likely delivery system for ransomware!

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United States - DailyQuiz

Exploit: Hacking

DailyQuiz: Entertainment App

Risk to Business: 1.655= Severe

The personal details of 13 million DailyQuiz users have been leaked online after a hacker breached the app developer's database. Millions of user passwords were stored in that database unsafely in a plain text format and were subsequently stolen. Researchers recently discovered that the DailyQuiz database was up for sale in dark web data markets.


Individual Risk: 2.711 = Moderate

Users should be aware that their passwords have been compromised and change any accounts that share that password as well as updating their DailyQuiz accounts.


Customers Impacted: 13 Million

How It Could Affect Your Business: Weak password storage is symptomatic of low cybersecurity safety standards and shows clients that you don't take their data privacy seriously.


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