This Week in Breach News: 

It's a very public-sector-oriented Week in Breach. Ransomware woes have made a home in five North American locales.

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Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia briefly-posts-internal-police-files/2021/04/29/db18c98c-a8f2-11eb-8c1a- 56f0cb4ff3b5_story.html

Exploit: Ransomware

Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia: Law Enforcement Agency


Risk to Business: 1.717 = Severe

The Babuk Locker ransomware gang snatched data from the DC Metropolitan Police. The sample the cybercrime group posted, included 576 pages of personnel files including full names, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, financial and housing records, job histories and polygraph assessments for current and former officers.That data was briefly visible on the gang's site, but taken down after a short period. No word on whether the gang was paid or the exact contents of the stolen files. In total, the Babuk Locker gang claims it downloaded more than 250 GB of data from DC Police servers.


Risk to Business: 2.166 = Severe

Current and former employees of the Metro Police may be in danger for spear phishing, identity theft or blackmail and should remain alert for fraud attempts.



Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Business: More than 50% of businesses were impacted by ransomware in the last 12 months. by taking sensible precautions like antiphishing software, secure identity and access management and updated security awareness training, companies can avoid this menace.

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