This Week in Breach News: It may be a new year, but cybercriminals are up to the same old tricks around the world. Old-fashioned hacking nails Kawasaki, T-Mobile and Promutuel.

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The Week in Breach News: Top Threats This Week

  • Top Source Hits:ID Theft Forum
  • Top Compromise Type: Domain
  • Top Industry: Education & Research
  • Top Employee Count: 501+

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Whirpool nefilim ransomware-attack/

Exploit: Ransomware Company Type: Type

Risk to Business: 2.311 = Severe

The Nefilim ransomware gang struck at Whirlpool,

stealing data but not impacting manufacturing operations. The gang claims that the files it published were obtained from Whirlpool during a ransomware attack in December 2020. The leaked data appeared to be proprietary and staff information including documents related to employee benefits, accommodation requests, medical information requests, background checks, and more.

Individual Risk:

No personal or consumer information was reported as impacted in this incident at this time but the incident is still under investigation.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Business: While using ransomware to disrupt manufacturing or operations has been in vogue recently, it's still a favored tool for cybercriminals to use in a classic data grab.

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