An insider incident causes trouble for OpenSea, cybercriminals claim to have scored data from AMD and ransomware stops the presses at Macmillan plus the importance of making sure that you are ready for a ransomware attack.

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Geographic Solutions Inc.

Exploit: Ransomware

Geographic Solutions Inc.: Software Company


Risk to Business: 1.742 = Severe

U.S. ambulance billing service Comstar has disclosed that it has exposed sensitive information belonging to medical patients. The company stated that it notices suspicious activity in March 2022, and an investigation determined that certain systems on Comstar's network were subject to unauthorized access, but investigators were ultimately unable to confirm what specific information on those systems was accessed.


How It Could Affect Your Business:: A data security incident at a service provider can be a disaster for any business and it will be especially damaging for the healthcare clients involved here.

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