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Canada's biggest cyberattack ever disrupts Newfoundland and Labrador healthcare, ransomware is the real villain at Diamond Comic Distributors, phishing wreaks havoc at a defense con- tractor plus a look at the big benefits of high cyber resilience from the new 2021 IBM Cyber Resilient Organizations Study.

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Diamond Comic Distributors

Exploit: Ransomware

Risk to Business: 1.417= Severe

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ransomware attack at Diamond Comic Distributors. The Baltimore-based company, the exclusive distributor of DC and Image Comics and a publishing outlet for dozens of small-press comics publishers, suffered a ransomware attack last Friday that took down the company's website and customer service platforms all weekend into Monday. Diamond said in a statement that it did not anticipate that any customer financial data had been impacted by this event. Investigation and recovery is underway with some functions already restored.


Individual Impact: No consumer PII or financial data loss was disclosed in this breach as of press time.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How It Could Affect Your Business: Ransomware can cost companies a fortune from operational disruption alone even if no data is snatched, not to mention incident response costs.

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