This Week in Breach News: 

Canada may have just had a Civic Holiday, but hackers aren't taking any time off as we show you in three Canadian breaches, plus hackers clearly have the cheat codes to beat security at EA, COVID-19 vaccination certifications have become a cybersecurity quagmire and the financial impact of a data breach (it goes deeper than you think).

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United States: Electronic Arts (EA)

Exploit: Hacking

Electronic Arts (EA): Video Game Maker

  Risk to Business: 1.311 = Extreme

Hackers have leaked an estimated 751GB of compressed EA data containing FIFA 21 source code on a dark web forum. Initially, they released a cache of 1.3GB of FIFA source code on July 14 as part of a demand for payment to stop them from releasing the rest, but after EA refused to play ball, the rest was added. According to reports, the hackers used the authentication cookies to mimic an already-logged-in EA employee's account and access EA's Slack channel and then tricked an EA IT support staffer into granting them access to the company's internal network, ultimately allowing them to download more than 780GB of source code from the company's internal code repositories. EA says that no player information was ever at risk and they've fixed the problem internally.


Customers Impacted: Unknown

How It Could Affect Your Business: Part of this hacking incident was powered by impersonation, which is

a form of phishing, and is reminiscent of the 2020 Twitter hack that enabled cybercriminals to gain access to celebrity accounts by impersonating Twitter workers.

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