The new 2020 MacBook lineup had a huge upgrade. Back in November, Apple announced their in house M1 ARM Chip at the annual ‘One More Thing’ presentation. This entire event was filled with claims of a dramatic leap forward. Some of their performance claims included 2x the battery life, 2.8x CPU speed, and 5x better graphics performance. Most critics thought apple was overhyping the chip and being deceitful through their marketing. Turns out, they were not. The new M1 chip absolutely blows the current gen intel chips out of the water. Delivering unreal performance that is not matched by any laptop in its class. The only notable disadvantage with these new macs compared to their Windows equivalent is the absence of expandable ram. Believe it or not there is a legitimate reason for this outside of money, unlike their removal of the charging brick on the latest iPhone 12. The new M1 chip uses unified memory, which means all the memory is in a single pool, it may limit the expandability, but it greatly improves performance. Now that Apples’ claims are undoubtably true, this signals the end of an Intel powered era for the Macs.

Written by Noah Jock