We offer various IT solutions.

Managed IT Services

With unlimited support for your network, you’ll never again worry about how much support time you’ve used or how tightly your wallet will be squeezed. Your costs for managed IT services will be predictable so that you can easily set and stick to your budget.

In addition, DenBe Consulting’s managed service plans are much more cost effective than hiring, training and retaining full time IT consultants as employees. We have a team of highly skilled, experienced IT consultants who work around the clock to keep your systems running at peak performance as well as handling your day to day computer challenges.

Cloud Based Services

Cloud based services allow businesses to access the programs they use in daily operations without worrying about technical issues or equipment maintenance. Not only does the cloud provide a space to hold your data and programs, but it also gives you access to the latest in high speed and top performing technologies – all the better to run your business!

Cloud computing allows you to use the software you need to run your business with utmost efficiency. It relieves the need for unnecessary equipment, frees up hard drive space on your systems and saves you money on energy costs. What’s not to love?

Many managed services fall within the Cloud based realm.  Customized VPN (virtual private network) solutions allow you to connect several offices as well as enabling you employees to work from home.  The set up and management of Office 365 and Google Apps would fall under this category as well by providing the ability to access your email from anywhere on virtually any device.

With Cloud based services there exists a vast amount of opportunities for your business to run more efficiently and keep you connected to the things that matter most to the success of your company.


Network Design & Management

Proper network design and implementation enables your business to run optimally. By accounting for exactly what your business needs, enacting effective support for those needs, and supporting the end users, DenBe Consulting can provide a smooth running office environment. Implementing network architecture with the application of the equipment in mind is what sets great network design apart.  Likewise, by implementing appropriate planning and analysis of the life cycle of your network equipment, you can ensure you are positioned to get the most out of your network and computer systems.


Here are just a few of the networking services we offer:

  • Hardware installation and configuration
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Ethernet cabling
  • Switch and router setup
  • Wireless solutions

Backup & Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is much more than just a simple backup.  A comprehensive plan takes into consideration all aspects of your technology.  Also it takes into consideration your number one resource – your people.  What if they can’t get a hold of you?  How do you communicate with one another?

At the very least once a day, or once a week, does someone take your backup and make sure to place it in a safe offsite location.  While swapping out hardware at your local office is better than no backup, DenBe Consulting recommends offsite backup to our clients as a more secure solution.  After all, what happens the day you go to restore a file and find that the backup is missing or damaged? What if the swap wasn’t done? Now you are even farther behind.

We offer two solutions for data backup that both allow for easy, quick restoration of files: a simple, offsite data transfer and a full-bodied server replication program.


Residential Services

Individuals and families have special computer needs. They face some of the same computer issues as business users, but don’t have an “IT budget”. Whether you are a single user worried about getting “hacked” or a family wishing to easily share files with each other, we can help. We offer economical and effective options for backing up your data, protecting your network, and avoiding viruses and spyware.  In most cases, we are able to address your issues remotely.
When needed, we offer in-home PC repair, upgrade and troubleshooting services.
We understand the frustration and confusion of home computer users. You do have an alternative to big box stores with vague offers to “tune up” your computer. You won’t have to drop it off for weeks in order to get the service you need.  We offer personalized service that will be completed within an hour or two and the best part- you usually don’t even have to leave your home. If your computer needs more than a bit of maintenance, we’ll give you straight-forward advice about whether it makes sense to repair it or replace it.