Give That Old Computer a New Life

Give That Old Computer a New Life

Have you ever noticed that after a year or two your computer seems like a dinosaur compared to the new ones at the store?  Before you go shopping there is probably a few things you can do to your computer to give it the boost in performance you are looking for.

Adding RAM, or random access memory is an inexpensive upgrade that will create a big difference in your computer.  Another thing to look at is how many programs you are loading at startup.  As new programs are installed on your Windows computer they are set to load at startup.  Unless you use the programs all the time it doesn’t make sense for Windows to load them at startup.

A third item to consider is defragmenting your hard drive.  Although this task doesn’t need do be done every week, or even every month it should be done every quarter or so.  Finally, make sure that Windows has downloaded and installed all the critical service packs and updates for your computer.

This sometimes takes place automatically but not always.  A good way to check is to visit  With a small amount of money and a little hard work you can speed up your old computer and get it working like a champ again.

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